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A few people have asked if we’ll accept guest posts – the answer is yes!

We’d love to get more opinions, guides and resources for our audience. Having multiple authors means we can give more back to the startup and growth hacker community. However, we’re only interested in high quality posts that deliver “Wow” reactions from readers.

Here are our submission guidelines and instructions to get started:

Why Guest Blog For

We have a very specific audience of startup founders, growth hackers and marketers working at startups. Even though our blog is very new, posts on are very popular within the startup community and attract anyway from 2,000 – 10,000 reads.

  • Get your post in front of thousands of readers
  • Increase your thought leader reputation
  • A link back to your website & twitter profile

Topics We Cover

  • Growth hacking
  • Web and mobile analytics
  • Startup metrics
  • Distribution and marketing startups
  • Product development

If you have an idea for a post that you think will benefit startups, but isn’t in this list, then reach out and explain why you think it’s awesome.

A Few Warnings

  1. Posts need to be valuable, and not just a rehash of tired old content
  2. As an author, you need to have obvious credibility in the topic you want to write about. We want our readers to see authenticity in our content
  3. We won’t publish every post that is pitched to us. We want to maintain high quality standards of really useful, really relevant posts
  4. We don’t publish really short posts. It should be a minimum of 500 words

The Submission Process

You don’t need to write the post before submitting it to us. However, you do need to send us:

  1. The post title: it’s the hook that pulls readers in so make sure it’s awesome
  2. And outline of the post: no more than a few lines

If you think you have an awesome idea for a post, email and we can get started!

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Liam Gooding

Liam is the cofounder and CEO of Trakio. Previously an engineer, he writes about growing subscription companies using data-driven techniques and inside glimpses to Trakio's own growth journey. He wrote a book, "Growth Pirate!" which discusses data-driven growth strategies for startups.

  • Donald Atchison

    I started Economic Development Ministry to address the lack of financial support to those seeking to be entrepreneurs or homeowners from the lower-class. Their is a whole community out there referred to as System-D. They are under the grid, unlicensed contractors, vendors, and of such, who pay their bills, but do not thrive. With the right financial education, and from within the right structure, they would thrive as small businesses and generate millions more in tax revenue for states. I am in the trenches with these guys, and you need articles on that.