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We know that Trakio becomes far easier to create valuable insights when you have more data bout your customers. That’s why today we’re announcing our integration with, an awesome in-app feedback widget. not only captures user feedback from within your web app or iOS app, it also performs sentiment analysis on the comment – which means it can tell if the comment as positive or negative.

Now with each submission, the response can be logged in your Trakio account and used in all of your dynamic segments and health scores.

This means you can create segments such as:

Feedback Sent where sentiment = negative in the last 30 days

This is the first of many integrations with other tools we are working on. From simple tools to more complex systems, we’re open to hearing your requests. Please email us or tweet us with any other apps you’d like us to integrate with!

Adding Your Trakio API Key To

Implementing this integration is as simple as copying your Trakio public API key into your application under “Analytics/CRM”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 16.47.14

Technical Notes On The Event Data

The implementation assumes the user’s email address is their Trakio `distinct_id`. The team at may add additional configuration options later in case you’re using a different value (such as a local database username).

The event tracked will always be called `Feedback Sent`.

The sentiment of the message will be logged on the `Feedback Sent` event under a meta property called `sentiment` which will either be `positive` or `negative`.

The contents of the message itself is stored under a meta property called `contents`.

Signup For For Free is a very simple but powerful feedback widget. It’s easy for your IT team to implement into both your web apps and iOS apps, and it contains many integrations so that feedback messages are available in all of your apps.

We choose this feedback widget for our own Trakio app after trying around a dozen, but settling on this one for the multiple integrations, user experience and overall simplicity.

It’s a free product to use as much as you’d like, with a small fee to upgrade for some more advanced features for bigger businesses and modern enterprises.

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Liam Gooding

Liam is the cofounder and CEO of Trakio. Previously an engineer, he writes about growing subscription companies using data-driven techniques and inside glimpses to Trakio's own growth journey. He wrote a book, "Growth Pirate!" which discusses data-driven growth strategies for startups.