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Culture is essential at any company, and tech startups are often labelled with having the best culture of any industry. Honestly, I wouldn’t know as I’ve only ever worked in tech startups, and startup culture is all I know.

I wake up every morning and get excited about the thought of coming to work on┬áTo advancing our mission one step closer. I genuinely feel happy about the contribution I’m making every day.

Matt and I wanted to make sure that this formula for happiness, for this sense of purpose that we feel every morning, was captured and written down. This happiness comes directly from an extension of our own identity.

We wanted a point of reference for whenever a decision threatened to compromise that identity.┬áHere’s our culture deck: unfinished, imperfect and evolving… but never compromising.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions and comments. We know this isn’t finished, but while we’re still a small and manageable team, we feel this is the right time to start articulating the blueprint of our ideal company. Of the we have right now, and the we want to create.

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Liam Gooding

Liam is the cofounder and CEO of Trakio. Previously an engineer, he writes about growing subscription companies using data-driven techniques and inside glimpses to Trakio's own growth journey. He wrote a book, "Growth Pirate!" which discusses data-driven growth strategies for startups.