Tracking Companies With Trakio For More Accurate Health Scores

For a long time, SaaS companies have hacked and botched tracking multi-seat applications in regular analytics platforms. (We even did this ourselves in the past). If you have a CRM app and you have a customer with a 10 seat license, how do you correctly analyse that customers usage?

Web analytics was about analysing our ‘visitors’. Then we evolved into Customer Analytics, which analysed ‘visitor actions’. But SaaS applications are a different use case – because groups of users might all belong to a single account. This account might have multiple roles, with different goals and expectations from our product.

To correctly analyse usage of a multi-seat SaaS app, ideally you want to group our users into companies, and have your analytics “intelligently” allow for this relationship & grouping in our reports and segments.

I’m going to run through why this is important in a quick practical walkthough (I promise this is leading somewhere…)

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Trakio and Integration Now Live

We know that Trakio becomes far easier to create valuable insights when you have more data bout your customers. That’s why today we’re announcing our integration with, an awesome in-app feedback widget. not only captures user feedback from within your web app or iOS app, it also performs sentiment analysis on the comment – which means it can tell if the comment as positive or negative.

Now with each submission, the response can be logged in your Trakio account and used in all of your dynamic segments and health scores.

This means you can create segments such as:

Feedback Sent where sentiment = negative in the last 30 days

This is the first of many integrations with other tools we are working on. From simple tools to more complex systems, we’re open to hearing your requests. Please email us or tweet us with any other apps you’d like us to integrate with!

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Tracking Customers & Visitors In Trakio Is Changing

After talking to most of our current customers and to many companies who have shown interest in using Trakio, we’ve decided to make some pretty big changes to the way our API and JS library tracks your customers and website visitors.

For 95% of our users, these changes will have a positive effect on how you use Trakio. And it means our upcoming feature roadmap will align exactly with your current business challenges and will mean Trakio becomes even more valuable within your organisation!

However, for 5% of our current users, these changes may remove functionality that you currently rely on and you may need to start relying on other tools (i.e. Google Analytics) to gain answers to some questions that you would usually answer from within Trakio.

This post will explain why these changes are necessary to allow us to focus our product strategy. With a laser-focussed approach we can create a more valuable customer success solution, something that’s simple and easy to use and which solves the problems facing companies who need to optimise how their existing customers are engaging with their products.

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