6 Easy Retention Hacks For Startups

Retaining a user is a lot cheaper than acquiring an active user. Retaining a user doesn’t cost advertising dollars, and doesn’t require expensive sales reps. These are people who have already decided to invest into your signup form, have already partially bought into your product vision, and have already invested a degree of effort into learning your product and how it could work for them.

Once you have a good activation rate, focussing on retention is critical to make your app sustainable.

If you’re retention numbers suck (which is a relative term depending on your app type) there are a few quick hacks you can setup that will dramatically increase retention. Here’s 6 hacks that every scrappy startup should be doing to keep users coming back.

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5 Easy Hacks For Your Pre-Launch Startup Landing Page

Every startup uses a pre-launch page to gather early interest in your product. The ultimate end-goal of this page, or microsite, is to build an email list of engaged early adopters. Early adopters, by their nature, will checkout a ton of startups every week. Your landing page only has a few seconds to convince them that you’re worthy of their email address.

With a few quick hacks, you can dramatically increase the performance of this page. As always, ensure you’re running something awesome like trak.io and a heatmapping tool like CrazyEgg so you can monitor the effect these changes have to your product.

Here’s 5 quick hacks to get an instant boost to your signup rate.

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